Dynamic and Reproducible reports

4. DynareR: A Seamless Integration of R and Dynare

1 About DynareR DynareR is an R package that can run Dynare program from R Markdown. 2 Requirements Users need the following in order to knit this document: Dynare 4.6.1 or above Octave 5.2.0 or above 3 Installation DynareR can be installed using the following commands in R. install.packages("DynareR") OR devtools::install_github('sagirumati/DynareR') 4 Usage Please load the DynareR package as follows: Then create a chunk for dynare (adopted from Dynare example file BKK) as shown below:

3. Eviews Workspace

1 Introduction This post highlights the important sections of Eviews workspace that we will keep referring to in our future posts. 2 Eviews workspace Eviews workspace is the window that you see first after opening the Eviews program. Figure 2.1 shows the sample of Eviews worksspace, where 1. is the menu bar, 2. is the capture window, 3. is the command window, 4. is an Eviews program and 5.

2. Introduction to Dynamic and Reproducible Report

1 What do Dynamic and Reproducible Reports mean? 2 Why Should Reports be Dynamic and Reproducible? 3 Tools for Dynamic and Reproducible Reports 4 Why Eviews, R and R Markdown? References 1 What do Dynamic and Reproducible Reports mean? Have you ever submittted a manuscript to a journal or thesis to your supervisor, or financial report to your boss, or something similar to these? If the answer is yes, we believe you have got some sort of corrections or suggestions to make some changes.

1. What SMATI ACADEMY offers

What You Can Learn on This Blog. If you follow this blog, we will walk you through the following: How to learn Eviews programming easily How to make your reports dynamic and reproducible using Eviews, R and R Markdown. You will no longer have to copy tables and figures from your Eviews workspace and paste into your report; everything will be copied into your report dynamically and automatically.