1. What SMATI ACADEMY offers

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What You Can Learn on This Blog.

If you follow this blog, we will walk you through the following:

  1. How to learn Eviews programming easily

  2. How to make your reports dynamic and reproducible using Eviews, R and R Markdown. You will no longer have to copy tables and figures from your Eviews workspace and paste into your report; everything will be copied into your report dynamically and automatically.

  3. How to integrate Eviews, R, and R Markdown. That is running Eviews program from another application.

  4. Tricks to produce html, pdf and docx outputs from one source file of R Markdown. If you learn R Markdown, you are likely to burn all your Latex (\(\LaTeX\)) distributions and other authoring (typesetting) applications.

  5. Learn how to automatically format tables, graphs and text in your html, pdf and docx documents. Imagine controlling and formatting (bold, italic,centering) all tables in your docx file by pressing some keys like ctrl+T

  6. Step by step guide to develop an R package that can integrate Eviews, R, and R Markdown.

  7. Learn how to work with version control system, specifically Github. Therefore, you no longer have to be saving your files with various names (such as update1, update2, final version, final version2 and so on)

  8. In addtion to this, we will make sure that followers of this blog learn how to set up a blog and a webpage like this, where you have all your codes, tables, graphs and explanation in one place.

  9. A lot of other important skills.

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